As a Mighty Pup, she can fly using tornados. Chase:Dont get any ideas Jackie! Whenever Skye jumps, she almost always does a back flip. (Narrator) It was a beautiful day in Adventure Bay, Skye rocky and Rubble were playing tag,while oddly Marshall noticed Chase stared at Skye oddly Chase (Mumbling) "Skyes so pretty" Marshall "did you say somein Chase?" Rubble "I just don't know how to tell her my feelings toward her." View this post on Instagram. Rubble:Chase sits here and Skye sits here. She is a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix who is the aviation pup of the titular team. He is terrified of spiders. Ryder "Well that would explain why you are worried about her." Skye is the smallest of the pups, and she is the first female member of the PAW Patrol. Double tap if Skye is your kids favorite pup. Skye is fun-loving and loves to play and participate in fun activities with her fellow PAW Patrol friends such as Pup Pup Boogie. When charged-up, she can control the weather. However, she and Zuma are unusually competitive against each other. The dubbing is managed by Fubuloo. … Jackie:Ah! Catchphrases Skyelovecats Art 2,345 views. I have a crush on...Skye. Chase x Skye let me love you - Duration: 3:31. This pup's gotta fly! I ask Leah out an look how we turned out. Marshall and Zuma have figured that out. Some faint whimpering snapped Rubble out of his thought trance. #PAWPatrol #Skye Chase and Skye start eating and grab the same noodle Rubble's construction truck looks more like a bulldozer, and in spite of being the youngest pup on the team, he certainly has the biggest appetite of them all. Chase:Ok. Then why would he like her? It is, right now, the most popular ship in PAW Patrol. But now the real question is what does Skye think about him? Her goggles have built in binocular-like lenses. Can Chase gain the courage to tell her how she feels while going on a mission with her? Chase X Skye is a romance themed ship between Chase and Skye. Skye is a great dancer and she can do back flips with grace. Both:Thanks! Chase:Spaghetti! Skye is very brave and smart. I have asked Marshall, Rocky, and Zuma, and we all agree that Skye probably doesn't have a crush on Chase, and I bet that Chase knows that too. Jackie:Aww come on Chase! Paw Patrol Character: Skye. Skye:Hi Chase! Rubble "well you see I am worried about Skye because I have a crush on her." Skye is the only flying pup, with her jet-pack set and her helicopter. Paw patrol Everest and Skye are texting and they both have a crush on him pt1 - Duration: 1:50. Fans have adopted names such as Skase and Chye. It is aired on Nick Jr. (United Kingdom and Ireland), Channel 5 (United Kingdom), and Nick Jr. Too. Chase "No" Zuma "OMG YOU HAVE A CWUSH ON SKYE YOU HAVE A CWUSH AND SKYE" Chase"Shhhhhh (Covering their mouths) (They went behind a tree) Chase "Ok I do have a crush ok?" It is also available with Season 1 and Season 2 on Netflix in the United Kingdom and Ireland from September 29, 2015 until June 11, 2017. ... Chase:Hi Skye! She is voiced by Kallan Holley in the Canadian and North American versions of TV series and by Holly Thomas in the British version. Chase has a crush on Skye. All 5 chapters are done. I knew it! 1:50. PAW Patrol is the British English-dubbed version of PAW Patrol. Skye is one of the two tritagonists of the Canadian cartoon series PAW Patrol.