You will be far better off using professional grade products from Pemko or Columbia. If you discover the door latch is missing the strike plate, first be warned to not force the door shut. Post Cancel. If you do, back up and spot prime again. This is especially true during humid conditions, when it takes longer for paint to cure properly. Vinyl weatherstripping sticks to painted door : Art: 12/20/99 12:00 AM: I painted our wood front door using a white satin latex paint over a primer. Check Weather Stripping. Seconding this. I’ll keep trying to find the Pemko 297_S or Columbia 320_S, which sounds like the safest bet. They were quite helpful and said that they don’t make a product with a silicon bulb. And what are the approximate prices of each? The next day I … Even the best paint won't stick well to oil and dirt, and there's lots of both on doors, especially near the knob, where dirty hands have pushed and pulled for years. It doesn’t make any difference how long the paint dries, the vinyl bulb interacts with the latex paint (especially during warm weather), sticks to it and peels off the paint that it touches. Columbia Aluminum Products part # is 320S and Let us know what happens. Don’t bother with big box store for this one. Here are a few kits that I like the look of: I like this one because the silicone bulb looks silver colored- that’s a nice touch:,%20Aluminum%20Door%20Weatherstripping%20Replacement%20&%20Vinyl%20Door%20Sweeps?object=5253, I don’t like how this one looks as much- but it mentions a feature called a “back seal” which apparently does away with the need for caulking? Continue lightly sanding the rest of the door, just enough to remove any gloss and help the new coat of paint adhere better. Is it possible the door catch is set very tight? I read your advice on weather strip that sticks to and pulls latex paint off a door. A balmy day with the sun shining would make it stick. The best way to avoid blocking is to avoid latex paints for 1) surfaces that contact each other and 2) surfaces you put things on, such as bookshelves. Why Fiberglass doors are better – Part 1 »,,%20Aluminum%20Door%20Weatherstripping%20Replacement%20&%20Vinyl%20Door%20Sweeps?object=5253,, And why would the strip actually feel sticky? I hope that helps a bit….Please re-comment with any more questions. Powder your doors Acrylic latex paint is notorious for “blocking” or sticking to almost any surface it is in contact with while it cures. Damp paint sticks to the rubber seal. Most often used for mood lighting, candles can do double duty keeping stubborn doors and windows from sticking and sliding doors gliding. 1) If I want to replace the brass jamb-up weatherstripping kit with a silver-colored jamb-up weatherstripping kit, do you have any helpful hints? I purchased what I was told was silicon weather stripping from the local ACE hardware, but the manufacturer is MD Building Products, Oklahoma City (#MD01073). Comment. It doesn’t make any difference how long the paint dries, the vinyl bulb interacts with the latex paint (especially during warm weather), sticks to it and peels off the paint that it touches. If your door has already started to stick, take it off and clean thoroughly including in the hinges as well. Every time the door opened, the paint "puzzle pieces" made a "sticking" sound as they released., Elsewhere on this site you yourself have recommended Damp paint sticks to the rubber seal. Sand the door top or edges, depending on where it is sticking. Never a sticking door or paint failure. Knowing this in advance will allow you to plan ahead when installing your exterior door. The silicone bulb is very important for this type of application because it does not stick to latex paint which is what almost all painters use now. A local Ace or Tru value hardware store or a lumber yard or door shop should be able to order the Pemko product for you . This can be a real problem for exterior doors with weather stripping; after all, most of us are not so secure that we would leave our front doors open for three or four days and nights. Does the weatherstripping stick to the paint on your door? The garage door tech explained that this results from latex paint, which is partially on the back side of the weather stripping rubber, that gets really tacky in the heat and direct sun. If you feel drafts around your door, install new weather stripping to help save more energy this winter. Very common problem with a simple solution. I use the Columbia product but they are not quite as well known as the Pemko company. Hi Gerry, The paint sticks to itself or to the weather stripping when a window or door is opened and usually leaves bare patches of substrate. Most have oil based primer from the factory. Forum discussion: The paint on my garage door is sticking to the painted vinyl flashing around it causing the door to "e;jump"e; as it is comes unstuck. I did find an online forum that might help: Powdering Exterior Doors to Prevent Sticking. Fortunately, a door that sticks is easy to repair. It is a good alternative if you do not want to see the weatherstrip screwed to the door stop area. DEAR TIM: We repainted our front door last year and I guess we didn't allow for full drying. Most of the better jamb up systems have this feature. It would have been installed on exterior doors that were installed before about 1990. Unfortunately it does not lend itself to your situation because it requires about 3/8″ of space and a groove to attach the fin of the weatherstrip. You know that surface prep is extremely important when it comes to applying adhesive for the new parts- it’s a step you Keep the door open for as long as it takes to allow every little nick and corner to become completely dry. Attaching Weatherstripping Cut bronze strips to just fit the sides of the window frame and the bottom of the window. RC/DG. 07-11-2001, 04:19 PM. Does the above apply to rubber weather strip or just vinyl? Here are the part #s: As long as you get all that old semi-gloss paint off the door first and you have a rough surface to apply the new paint, you should be fine. Forget about using any of those products you mention, as they will just make a mess of things. TUG Member. Sign up to my newsletter to receive expert advice for your home! The HOA recently repainted the door and replaced the weather stripping but now it sticks … Because it really does feel like it’s sealed shut. Would petroleum jelly or a spray lubricant offer any help? We’ve got answers that’ll make life easy for you. The vast majority of weatherstripping materials for newer doors have a small fin that fits into a small groove in the door jamb. Satisfied that humidity is the culprit, he pulls the hinge pins, lifts the door from the jamb, and gets ready to plane. Pemko 297_S It looks like your question might be concerning weatherstrip on roll up overhead garage doors. Powdering Exterior Doors. Preventing new paint from sticking to weather-stripping discussion in the Tool Talk forum at Yesterday's Tractors. Hi Marcia, Sometimes the reason for the door sticking could be a slight obstruction that is not directly visible, or the accumulation of dirt in the hinges. Paint that feels dry and paint that is … Replace it with a new seal after your painting project is completed. If the old stripping is adhesive, pull it off using your hands. While the door is removed, check all weather stripping for loose or damaged areas. When you have had your windows and doors newly painted it seems it doesn’t matter how many hours you leave them open to dry, they always seem to stick. The important thing to know is that the standard vinyl bulb that comes with this type of weatherstrip sticks to the latex enamels that most people use today. For paint to develop a substantial degree of hardness, chemical changes have to occur inside the paint. If so, repeat steps 5 and 6 until the door is sanded down far enough. That's why I suggested the baby oil for the BACK SIDE of the rubber seals, the part that actually touches the doors when they go up and down. How do you prevent a newly painted exterior door from sticking to the seal? Which should I do (I bet you’ll say just to do option #1) but then, which jamb-up kit should I pick? Remove the door for the final step. 2 months later I installed Frost King vinyl/aluminum weather-stripping. It also does a good job sealing windows that are too irregular or warped for rigid weatherstripping. This stripping will hold up well for hundreds of years. Another approach might be to check with an established overhead door company in your area and see if they will sell you a quality product for you to install. Painting The Door In Place Step 1 Leave the door wide open after you have finished painting it. After you repaint the areas that were pulled away, and stuck to the weater strip. Undesirable adhesion between two painted surfaces or between paint and weather stripping. Thick paint may make a door too big for the frame, and, as a result, the paint will stick to the frame when the door is closed. The problem is some weatherstrips are so good, they block this evaporation process when the door is closed. The sticking painted door top or edges can be sanded or planed. In sympathy with your plight, I too have seen books lightly sticking to latex-coated shelves after years of drying! Thanks again! How To Prevent Freshly Painted Doors From Sticking - Tired of closing and opening a painted door and having all your paint pull off? Getting it to you would be a bit of a pain…. Reattach the door to test for sticking.