sooooooo. As things are getting noisy in Mark's room, Nate finally stops the fiasco, telling Mark to let Freddy go and put the knife down. 208 2. Welcome to Freddy's [Five Nights At Freddy's Song] by Madame Macabre. Freddy: Everything's seeming slightly strange.... Bonnie: Let's say hi! FNaF Song Lyrics! Directed by A.J. C'mon guys! Nate and Mark explain that Nate didn't want the job and Mark is wanted for attempted murder, and let the Purple Guy have the night shift, so he redeems himself. Mark is soon after arrested for murdering the man, much to the animatronics' dismay, as this apparently always happens to the night guards. FNAF Song: "Music Box Remix" (Animation Music Video) - YouTube Lyric book of all FNAF songs that I have found. Opening Title, Five Nights at Freddy's: Night 1 (feat. Описание/Description: Hi everyone! Mark rebukes him for making fun of him; after all he killed a janitor. Am I going mad? The Phone Guy explains that he will think about finding (and most likely killing) Nate wherever he is every night until he gets out of prison, but Nate hangs him up and throws the phone in a water well. they decide the best plan is to "survive till 6:00 A.M". T T Info. Who's she?) By scottvanhien. Nate tells him that he heard the janitor is in stable condition, much to Mark's surprise. This lyric book updates almost everyday, so don't worry, I'll try to add all the lyrics of the songs that I found in YouTube and all those readers requested. Wikis. After arriving at Freddy Fazbear's, Nate talks about how he used to work at the pizzeria seven years earlier, and recalls how he saw Freddy biting a child's face off, and tried to move on and forget the horrible experience. At that moment, Foxy breaks through the vent and lands on Springtrap. See how well you know different FNAF songs by guessing them by the lyrics. Mark, still not convinced, asks what will he get out of this, to which Nate responds by saying proving he didn't lie to the police would be nice, and Mark reluctantly agrees to help. Markiplier)" and more. after finding out one was taken out of the office, the animatronics roam around the Mainstage, Backstage, Pirate's Cove, and The Kitchen, while Mark ties a rope in front of the door to catch Springtrap, and Nate checks on the animatronics. Read Five Nights at Freddy's: The Musical - Night 4 from the story FNAF Songs by -your_local_garbage- (Sleep? EileMonty & Orko) - Die In A Fire (FNAF3) - Living Tombstone. (When I started this, I did a few songs that popped in my head. The Phone Guy explains he goes by many names: Phone Guy, MatPat, and Scott Cawthon. And now i'm wondering if it's all in my head... Nate: Good thing this door can be locked! but YouTube ..... 2020-10-25T20:01:20Z Comment by Conor. Freddy,Bonnie,and Chica: Play the night away! It's full of party favors! Nate goes to seal the door, but it doesn't close. - stream 125 tryhardninja playlists including fnaf, Mandopony, and five nights at freddy's music from your desktop or mobile device. however, the Phone Guy calls and congratulates the group for surviving Five Nights at Freddy's, but didn't expected the scenario to end this way as he expected everyone to turn on each other. Freddy! I love ️ cats!!!!! Singachu: A Pikachu Song (Pokemon Game Parody), The Magikarp Song: A Pokemon Shanty (Game Parody), Needlemouse: The Musical - A Sonic the Hedgehog Song (Game Parody), FNaF: The Musical/Pizzeria Simulator: Ground Zero, with 117 reads. I'll wrap it back up and-. As the group are driving away, Bonnie turns the radio on to listen to "Baby I Love You", to which Mark shouts at him to turn it off. Random Enounters Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Mark returns to the pizzeria, but this time vengeful. However, there was now a large hole in the box, and Bonnie gets kidnapped. The Entire Gang: We'd love to sing a song with you! Mark catches Springtrap and Nate is about to douse him with the extinguisher, only for it to break down. our heroes arrive at Mark's house; the animatronics go in to ask Mark for help, while Nate distracts Springtrap with a Balloon Boy robot. 153 3. And nothing else between me and this door! YOU NEED FRESH AIR! Freddy: Hey, I heard they hired a new guy... Mark: I'll try out all the cameras to see what they do. They find him in the backstage. Top “FNAF the Musical (Original Soundtrack)” scholars. Give this video a like rating, subscribe to make sure you never miss new videos!Become a fan of Jaze Cinema! I can see into next week, F ck Black Mesa. Listen to Fnaf the Musical (Original Soundtrack) by Random Encounters on Deezer. Just give me a minute! ", Baby, I love you 'cuz you're fi--(Chica Interrupts). Who's she?) Online, everywhere. When he arrived at the office, a phone starts ringing, and from it is the Phone Guy. Markiplier (Night 2) Markiplier (Night 2) Nothing Can Hurt Me by MandoPony 2020-10-25T12:10:34Z Comment by cappy. he explains to the group that he was the one behind Springtrap, and used him as his "murder gremlin" to scare Mark and Nate away so that way he could have the night shift, and to make sure the animatronics don't cause any trouble after Freddy bit a child's head off. Mark: Why's that furbag sneaking down the hall? Suddenly, a green and torn monster named Springtrap appears and tries to attack Nate. please like and especially comment. But Foxy’s love at first sight is interrupted by the sounds of Chica dropping pots on the floor in the kitchen, as Freddy told her to go there to make see if the camera in there was dead. Read Five Nights at Freddy's: The Musical - Night 1 from the story FNAF Songs by -your_local_garbage- (Sleep? Bonnie soon says he knows someone who could help, much to everyone's surprise. The Purple Guy tells Mark he’s here for the morning shift. Mark, however, tries to not let them in, thinking they want to kill him, though why he thinks that is never explained. With Mark Fischbach, Nathan Sharp, Xander Mobus, Sarah Anne Williams. Mark: Is it true? Action Fanfiction Song Musical Fnaf Report. It's our favorite thing to do! The animatronics explain to Nate that the Puppet was the only one who could stop Springtrap, but now that he's dead, no one can stop the evil monster. It's just a shady crate! After a few moments of singing, someone is coming into the office, and Mark, thinking it be Foxy, shoots the figure with his machine gun, but to his confusion, it happens to just be Sweeping Man. Nate: Hurry, guys, I think I'm losing ground! im back and today i have the 3rd night in the fnaf musical series featuring natewantstobattle!! love it!!!! The two go out to find him, with Nate watching them on the cameras. by The Living Tombstone Markiplier)" and more. Nathan Sharp returns to his apartment just in time for the Phone Guy to call him and ask if he would like to be the new night guard. Category:Songs | RE's FNAF: The Musical Wiki | Fandom. Action Fanfiction Song Musical Fnaf Report. 8tracks radio. He begins getting ready to kill the animatronics, to which they try to hide from him. I'll bring the fight! Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Song (Feat. All Freddy's friends have come here to say. It wasn’t until the lights went out, making Mark scream in terror. Our heroes arrive at Freddy Fazbear's, and hatch a plan on how to stop Springtrap: since he is made of springlocks, water can shut him down, so the team decide to find a fire extinguisher around the pizzeria, and use it to stop Springtrap. The alarm wails again, and Nate sees on the monitor Chica is hiding in the music box, who then tells him someone is coming for him. Chica: Bonnie! Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? 107 4. . Because I love you through and through... Freddy: It's not working! . Believing Mark to be afraid of the dark, Freddy tries to cheer him up with a song, with the other animatronics joining in after. The series is composed of five different videos, all with a song within them. FNAF all songs!!! However, things don't go well as expected: when the animatronics enter Mark's room, he, still thinking they're trying to kill him, grabs Freddy and threatens to kill him with a knife if the other three move closer to him, ignoring their begging for help. In all my dreams, I see a maze of halls with bloody walls and countless scrawls reminding me: "It's me!" Phone guy then proceeds to tell him he survived the fire at the pizzeria (how he survived is never explained), but is arrested when the police found incriminating evidence on the cameras. Bonnie: Why not? back in Nate's apartment, the animatronics are sleeping on a couch, while Mark and Nate are playing cards. This night has the least run time of any of the other nights. Markiplier) - Night 2: Random Encounters. Chica checks the kitchen, until something grabs her. Five Nights at Freddy's Piano Tiles 2020 Songs is the best free music game in the world Play songs and become a professional pianist. When he arrived at the office, a phone starts ringing, and from it is the Phone Guy. however, at that point, Springtrap has already found her and chases her back to the office. The Living Tombstone. At Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, Markiplier arrives on his first day of the night shift. Jaque_The_Ripper 654. Are they back? FNaF the Musical (Feat. See more ideas about fnaf song, fnaf, songs. However, the Purple Guy tells him has four more nights this week, much to Mark’s dismay. At Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, Markiplier arrives on his first day of the night shift. with 160 reads. as he's talking, a wall breaks open, and out of it is the Phone Guy himself in a bear costume and wielding a chainsaw, explaining all of this is a crime scene, and the group are the victims. Listen to Fnaf the Musical (Original Soundtrack) by … Markiplier, Nathan Sharp, & MatPat), FNAF: The Musical is a multi-part series that went from June 26, 2015 to June 24, 2016. Mark: Something here seems foul Something here just reeks of blood and suffering Could it be these halls are echoing of death? After Freddy, Foxy, and Bonnie fail to find extinguishers, Chica was able to find one in the kitchen. The Living Tombstone: Five Nights at Freddy's 1 Song. The supercut was released on July 30, 2016(right). Bonnie found a large box and wondered what was inside, but the other two tell him to leave it alone as it might have something unsafe. Read FNAF the Musical - SISTER LOCATION: Blood & Tears from the story FNAF Songs by -your_local_garbage- (Sleep? Follow us on our other social media accounts!Twitter: video is based on the game Five Nights at Freddy's by Scott Cawthon. Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location Song-I Can’t Fix You(FNAFSL)-The Living Tombstone & Crusher-P . Meanwhile, Freddy and Chica realize Bonnie was not on stage, and go out to look for him. Five Nights at Freddy's Piano Tiles Songs is: - High quality piano game music - Increase your game speed to earn more points - Improve your reflex level and unlock the other melodies - Create beautiful melodies. FNAF The Musical -The Complete Series (Live Action feat. Mark coldly says he's going to burn for this, to which the Phone guy reveals the chainsaw's also a flamethrower. As I got back to finishing this, I decided to do some of the harder songs. Meanwhile, on the main stage, the animatronics, Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, and Chica come to life. Freddy and Chica check on him again, as he takes longer than usual, and find that he's missing. ESTÁS LEYENDO. Freddy tries to protect the group, only to have the Phone Guy kick him across the room into the office window. However, just as Mark is feeling relieved and lightheaded, an alarm wails; the music box hasn’t been wound up. Nate: Four more hours left for me to stall! You were right,Freddy! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 2020-10-25T20:03:01Z Comment by Conor. Add new page. However, the police realize they forgot to lock Mark in their car, and Mark escaped. Bonnie: Hey, it's me, I swear we've met before! Who's she?) Springtrap continues to attack Nate, and then the beast decides picks Nate up and kill him with the fan. We'll see . About. He soon gets another phone call and, to his shock, it's the Phone Guy. He tries to explain to Mark that the animatronic mascots of the pizzeria come to life but are completely harmless and friendly, but Mark just ignores him, calling his warning “completely absurd.”. RE's FNAF: The Musical Wiki. … Mark asks how'd Nate found out they're alive, and he explains it was the same way Mark did, but instead of a machine gun, he had a bazooka. Why would they keep- a rotten cupcake up here!? Six inches deep beneath the mess on my desk! 1. He and the animatronics explain the situation with Springtrap to Mark and how they can't tell the police as they'll think their crazy. Time to get Ready! Apr 22, 2019 - All kinds of FNAF songs. Register Start a Wiki. Nate and the animatronics are driving to Mark's house for help, Nate calls the Purple Guy to tell him that he will be late for his shift, warns him about not mentioning Springtrap, and be out of the pizzeria by midnight, all of which he agrees to. Unexpectedly, Nate gets hit in the head by the Purple Guy. Welcome to Freddy's [Five Nights At Freddy's Song] by Madame Macabre. They learn about the presence of Mark, and go out to make friends with him. Nate is sitting on a bench in a park reading a newspaper of regarding how Freddy Fazbear's had burned down, while talking to Mark about a sister location being opened on the phone. It was shown that the animatronics had found a new job at a place called "FazGames Ltd", where they're working on a game, and as for Mark, he's having a better life and even lighting up some hot dogs with the flamethrower-chainsaw. Mark, Nate, and the animatronics leave and get out of the pizzeria, leaving it, Springtrap, and the Phone Guy to die in the fire. Games Movies TV Video. Mark: Something's breathing out beyond the door! In a post credits scene, the animatronics are playing the game they just finished, with Freddy deciding to name it "Five Nights at Freddy's. 1,992 reads . Phone Guy afterwards thanks Mark, as none of what's going on wouldn't be possible if he had just listen to what he said about the animatronics on the first night: "Don't be afraid, they just wanna say hi." Don't Try To Make Your Self Popular By Hating FNaF.-----I'm only going to change the studio pic when I see a decent FNaF … Mark returns to his home and dyes his hair red, to change his appearance. when the Purple Guy jokingly asked if one of them is "Evil Durtbag with a Chainsaw", Phone guy impales the Purple Guy with the chainsaw, and said it was his favorite, and kills the Purple Guy with the chainsaw. Natewantstobattle aka Nate: It's been seven years. Smelling blood and mucus in the vent, Mark puts on a female fox mask as a disguise. 1,966 reads. The Puppet appears and tries to save Nate, but Springtrap instead throws him into the fan. Meanwhile, Nate found Bonnie, tied up, in a closet near the door. 215,450 reads. Nate calls him back to reluctantly take the job, because he needs money to pay off his rent, simply asking if the uniform was still the same. He seems a bit jumpy... Mark: Don't blink.....Don't breathe.....Don't Move.....Please, Foxy, Leave.... Freddy: NEW GUY, DON'T! The Kitchen camera's dead...Now.... Freddy's friends can be a Markiplier: Blah,blah,blah....That's completely absurd. Saw kids burst in tears, A bear start eating a face..