When adding refrigerant to the system you want to take it slow as you do not know how much it actually needs. Reason 1: Voltage. Following the manufacturer's instructions add the amount of dye stated to the refrigerant system. Carry out a pressure test without the engine running. ALWAYS wear eye protection, a leak of refrigerant can result in serious blistering (frostbite) of any unprotected skin and especially the eyes. By Web Master | November 6, 2013. The charts below show typical compressor clutch cycling times. I got into the habit of using nitrogen, because I had a tank of it left over from a dune buggy project decades ago that used nitrogen-filled shocks, but you can use CO 2 or other inert welding gases. NOTE:  The shaded area on the gauges denotes normal system pressures at an ambient air temperatures of 20-25°C. Testing for leaks in pressure of HVAC & A/C systems. Step 2: Install the gauges. Component 2: Condenser. Warning: You must have a special license to legally service an air conditioning system. Ford Ranger - Car AC Repair - Glendale, Arizona. DO NOT operate the air conditioning system with oxygen free nitrogen (OFN) in the refrigerant circuit. Step 3: Observe the pressure readings on the gauges. Then use the vaccum to pull your freon in as much as possible. Optimize fleet uptime and compliance via mobile vehicle repairs, Partner with us to simplify and scale fleet maintenance, Over 25,000 topics, from beginner tips to technical guides, Check cars for recalls, common issues & maintenance costs, Hand-picked, community-rated professionals, Our mechanics make house calls in over 2,000 cities, Explore nationwide job opportunities for automotive technicians, Trusted mechanics, rated by thousands of happy car owners, Fleet maintenance with certified mobile mechanics, The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. no pressure, then a high pressure test using oxygen free nitrogen is carried out. Dye Testing for a Freon Leak. Universal Water Tank Leak Detector Kit, 18Pcs Cooling System Tester Radiator Sets Automotive Diagnostic & Test Tool Sets Water Tank Leak Detector Car Cooling System Tester Kit $64.99. If the reading is zero you have a major leak. Please see our, Jeep Grand Cherokee - Car AC Repair - Waddell, Arizona. NOTE:  A leakage rate of between 50 and 100g of refrigerant per annum is normal. As the evaporator temperature falls, the refrigerant starts to freeze and the flow through the evaporator is restricted. $229.99. FREE Shipping by Amazon. If the compressor clutch engaged, return to the inside of your vehicle and turn the fan speed to Medium. A dye test for freon or Puron leaks can also be applied. These consist of metal and rubber lines to carry the refrigerant. 10 stars! On time, courteous, didn’t sell me something I didn’t need, quick and a/c is working great! If the readings are very high then you may have a problem with air trapped in the system or an airflow problem with the condenser. Open the cylinder valve to pressurise the circuit to approx. Just fixed it today . Step 2: Disconnect low side gauge. Nitrogen has the following qualities: (a) inert, very dry and non-flammable; (b) does not go into solution with refrigeration oil to create non condensable pressure problems (i.e., after leak testing an HFC (R-134a) system using R-22 and nitrogen, there is typically zero percent non condensable (nitrogen or air), if evacuated afterwards). Keep all articles of clothing tightly secured. Different types of detectors are available for air conditioning, and most leak detectors can be used for both R12 and R134a. This is dangerous and it is illegal to vent refrigerant into the atmosphere. The evaporator is located inside the dash of the vehicle and is used to absorb heat from the interior of the car.