So you might have to clean this and or replace it if needed. Another fairly common issue which will cause high pressure faults is that the chiller has been overcharged with refrigerant. It’s slightly uncommon for this to happen, but it could have been knocked during maintenance etc. The chiller could also be overcharged with refrigerant, so you want to check your set points, temperatures and pressures around the system and then remove (recover) some of the excess refrigerant. I replaced the 1U1A7 relay board but still have the same fault. When an alarm or alert code goes off, you can manually reset the alarm through the scrolling marquee display. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. One of the easiest ways to check this is just to go around all the connections with a thermal imaging camera and if you see that some screws and the connections are warmer than others, then you know there’s going to be a loose connection there. TraneCube CGB Air-cooled Chiller 15-50kW is ideal for light commercial applications. Make checks on the chiller and listen for noises. Another issue, which is slightly less common but possible, is that you’ve lost a phase on a three phase supply. If the temperature within the motor casing gets too high, then the motor will just send a signal and the chiller will cut out to protect itself. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Before you turn any breakers back on, you want to make sure no one’s working on the machine and that the equipment has not been isolated for safety reasons. Download Free Trane Voyager Fault Codes Trane Voyager Fault Codes Thank you for reading trane voyager fault codes. High pressure discharge faults can also be caused by a reduction of water flow through the condenser. The Adaptive Frequency drive is a Trane TR200 variable frequency drive (VFD) applied to Trane CenTraVac chillers. But if the paddle becomes wedged, loses communication or develops a fault then it’ll no longer measuring or sending the signal back to the control unit. This code is the exact opposite of the slow flashing light code, and means that your Trane furnace is turned on and that it is presently calling for heat. You may need a specialist to come in and check it. I caught the fault code occurring one night and then noticed shortly after that the unit that gave the fault was not ramping up to 100%. Frostat active. The chiller will assume that there is no flow or not enough flow and it will turn itself off and will not start again until there’s sufficient flow. Low Suction Pressure. Error code: 221. It’s fairly uncommon but it could happen. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Explanation: System down caused by communication error after completion of tracking Mismatching of indoor unit quantity setting error after completion of tracking 5 times Chillers are very expensive and they can be quite dangerous. Chris and Stacia Hays, are the founders of Hays Cooling, Heating & Plumbing; a family operated HVAC company in Phoenix founded in 2001 that services both commercial and residential customers. But remember that the tubes out there are full of refrigerant and they are very delicate, so be very careful when you do these. Found the tutorials super useful? Trane Furnace Troubleshooting and Repair [5 Expert Tips], How to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter in Phoenix, Best Types of Home Heating Systems [Buyer’s Resource], Two flashes means that there has been a system lockout, Three flashes indicates a draft pressure error, Four flashes and your furnace is experiencing an open temperature limit circuit issue, If you see five flashes, a flame was sensed within your furnace that should not be present, The six flash error code means that your AC power was reversed or the voltage was too low, Seven flashes indicates a problem with your gas circuit, A low flame is indicated by eight flashes. Hays Cooling, Heating & Plumbing focuses on providing support to their customers every step of the way, with exceptional service and competitive prices. In the same way that LLIDs are generic until applied, so is the main processor. Make sure your building or your clients building has a strict water treatment regime in place. ?2010-07-30• A Trane CGWA 420RBA 648kWr water-cooled reciprocating chiller • Two Trane Centravac S-CVGA 045 CINJSJ 1400 kWr water-cooled centrifugal chillers Chiller Trane Manual - [PDF Document] In this case, the entire furnace will need to be checked to locate the problem. Another common light to be aware of on your Trane furnace is a light that flashes very rapidly. This is an unconditionally simple means to specifically get lead by on-line. Something to note: On the display unit of the chiller, or on the BMS units, an error code should display if a fault is detected. But, it will only be allowed to start again “X” many times per hour. Page 1/28. It could also be that there’s a reduction of flow into the evaporator. A more common problem with chillers is a fluctuating voltage or current. We have called Trane, and others to look and fix. In fact, some codes are there to let you know that your system is functioning properly. Scroll to the bottom to watch the YouTube video tutorial on chiller fault finding. Chiller Fault Finding. Before a chiller will turn on, it has to check that there is sufficient flow going through the evaporator and the condenser to prevent it from freezing over. 2) Blocked or dirty chiller strainer 3) Defective TX Valve 4) Refrigerant undercharge 5) Chiller pump is not running or is reverse rotation 6) Microprocessor is translating the incorrect system pressure 7) Chris leads a team of certified technicians who have over 45 years of combined experience and has earned and A+ rating with the BBB and a strong five star rating online. Latched fault circut 2 Trane RTAA90. So you want to make sure that all the tubes and fins are cleaned regularly. Over the last few years we have experienced a "latched fault, circut 2-low evap refrig temp" several times a week, some days we are spared. 11. If you suspect that this is the problem, then it needs to be topped up. It could also be that one of the fans has stopped working or is behaving erratically, so you want to go up there and visually check that they’re clean, it’s free from obstructions and that the fans were working. If you notice a continuous light on your Trane that won’t turn off, it means that you will need to replace your furnace’s Furnace Control Board (IFC). You could not and no-one else going gone book buildup or library or borrowing from your connections to open them. Another common issue, especially with air cooled chillers is a reduction of airflow over the condenser and that’s usually where some some debris has blocked part of the condenser, or the fans, and so not enough air is flowing through the condenser to take all the unwanted heat away. High pressure discharge. 11. When you go to check your furnace, it’s possible that you will see a light that will not turn off no matter what you do. It could also be that a non-condensable material or fluid has entered into the refrigerant loop. In case whereby there is a thermostat issue, one should be very careful when replacing the thermostat. mounted on Trane RTAD chillers. You want to measure your voltages on each of your phases to make sure that they are balanced. As a protection strategy, the unit stops operating and the LED turns off. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. agustus 2016 trane chiller fault codes pdf download here 1 2 pdfsdocuments out q trane' 'series r™ helical rotary liquid chillers may 2nd, 2018 - 2 rlc prc023 e4 introduction trane offers water cooled helical rotary compressor chillers the model rthd the industrial grade design of this Category: Trane chiller fault codes. These cookies do not store any personal information. This will then flow around the system and begin to the clog the pipes and the chillers heat exchanger. That’s usually going to be affected by other equipment which is connected onto the same circuit as the chillers which cause fluctuations or distortions in the voltage and current wave forms. Gas heat failure. You should also check the filter drier and the strainer. This must be carried out by a qualified specialist. R Series Air-Cooled Rotary Liquid Chillers. when the chiller design for summer what and where have to add to control system that chiller works safe on If you have a Trane furnace, then you have one of the most reliable heating systems in existence. R Series chiller pdf manual download. Chilled water inlet and outlet openings are covered for shipment. You have entered an incorrect email address! There are a number of fault conditions and codes that explain what is wrong. (application code or chiller configuration) is installed until programmed by TechView. A similar scenario occurs with air cooled chillers where the condensers external surface becomes covered in dust and dirt. I am working on a Trane CGADC50GA chiller that is showing "Ed" fault - chill water flow interlock fault. Trane Voyager Fault Codes Wiring issue or problem with ignition module or RTRM. High Suction Pressure. Discharge air temperature failure on modulating heat and modulating reheat units. A fairly common cause of error is when flow sensor is breaks, especially the paddle type sensors. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Download File PDF Trane Document Alert Code AddendumTrane Document Alert Code - The 79 fault code means that the low pressure switch is released. 2 Flash. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. You want to reduce that if possible. We’re going to cover high pressure on the discharge, low pressure on the discharge, low pressure on the suction line, high pressure on the suction line, some general electrical issues you might come across as well as a few other issues. You might have to adjust the bypass valves around the cooling towers to make sure that the waters coming back at the correct temperature. Another safety feature that is built in, is the compressor hourly starts lockout.