[5] After a fight with Batman, during which he confirms that he is not the original Wrath-and is apparently unaware of Batman's true identity-he tells the Dark Knight to investigate Commissioner Gordon's actions on June 26 twenty five years ago, the same night that Bruce Wayne's parents died. In Wrath Child (Batman Confidential #13-16), several details of his origin underwent a retcon, including the original story taking place shortly after Dick Grayson became Robin (the original story was published the same year that Grayson became Nightwing), with Grayson missing the events because he was away at the time on an "educational holiday" (one of the various training missions Batman sent him on). Batman 4.5.1. In September 2011, another version of Wrath appeared during The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. Wrath's father is now depicted as a corrupt cop who was robbing a warehouse with his wife and so acting as a lookout. A post-Infinite Crisis legacy version of the Wrath debuted in the pages of Batman Confidential #13 in a story arc written by Tony Bedard, with Elliott Caldwell, the 'student' of the original Wrath, taking on his mentor's mantle. Batman The Wrath DC Comics Panel Discussion. Leagues are groups in which a player is placed based on trophy count and rank. Now with added Batman. Summary 2. Wrath is the name of two fictional comic book supervillains published by DC Comics. Wraith came down as the answer along with an equation that needed to be deciphered over the years. Andy barely remembers them at all, due to him being no older than a toddler. While preparing to assassinate Gordon, Wrath studied Batman and initially planned to dress just like him to needle Gordon. When Wraith and Superman fight for a second time, Wraith easily dominates the fight, until Superman uses the radioactive isotope that weakens Wraith, formed by Batman, to drive him away. Dark Multiverse 4.10. Batman and Nightwing, upon confronting the second Wrath for a final time, reveal that they have learned that the new Wrath's real name was Elliot Caldwell, an orphaned boy whom the Wrath trained to be his answer to Robin, based on a psychological profile run by Alfred looking for children in Dick's age range who disappeared around the time that the Wrath was active. For years, he traveled the world to work as a gun for hire. They were gunned down by rookie police officer Jim Gordan. Preach… General Information Created by: The Wrath is an anti-Batman whose criminal parents are killed by then-rookie policeman James Gordon. Opponents 3.3. "Kill the champion before he learns his true potential or he will defeat you." At the time, the Mallory brothers were still only young children. [4] His subsequent assessment of the old Wrath helps Batman determine the identity of the new one; as the original Wrath sought to duplicate all of Batman's methods, Batman concludes that the new Wrath must be the original's equivalent of Robin. This appearance retcons Batman's original encounter with the Wrath to a time when a 13-year-old Dick Grayson, who had only recently become Robin, was on an "Educational Holiday". ... Anti-Ring Suit: To fight Batman, he utilizes a suit of armor covering his arms, legs, and torso made from a kind of red crystal to negate the effects of the radiological frequency he is vulnerable to. Superman's nemesis defeated the Justice League, showed humanity their diabolical destiny, and doomed the multiverse in the Year of the Villain event. Thus, a clash with Batman becomes inevitable. Wrath in appearance and story is an anti-Batman, he is essentially Batman without any preconception of morality or true justice. In the course of their impersonal battle of wits, Wrath learns Batman's secret identity as Bruce Wayne and proceeds to attack several of his friends; Alfred Pennyworth is hospitalized and Leslie Thompkins is taken hostage by Wrath. Master assassin Such a foe lies in wait for the Dark Knight who comes face to face with his dark mirror image, Wrath. Watchmen 4.12. Joy to all 52 worlds-it’s time to celebrate the holiday season across the DC Multiverse! William Mallory and his brother Andrew Mallory (voiced by Daryl Sabara) are the children of jewel thieves. Wrath[src] Wrath is one of the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. The original Wrath debuted in Batman Special #1 (1984), and was created by Mike W. Barr and Michael Golden. "Wrath Child Part II", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wrath_(comics)&oldid=995168749, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 16:38. The Wrath defended their actions with the bizarre claim that criminals like the Joker have the right to make a living their way just as much as innocent people do, demonstrating no interest in his comic counterpart's vendetta against the law that took his parents. Alfred after having hacked Caldwell's files revealed to Bruce that Elliot's father had been killed by corrupt Gotham police officers. Unlike Batman, Wrath has no qualms with the use of firearms and murders his victims. However, he came to the conclusion that they were kindred spirits inspired by a similar disaster in their lives, and duplicated Batman's costume and equipment as an homage - to the extent that he began training his own "Robin", who went on to become the second Wrath.[4]. History Talk (0) Comments Share. [3] Independently of one another, the Batman and the Wrath adopted strikingly similar costumes and skill-sets, although they used them for opposite purposes. He instead allowed the Gotham Police Department to open fire on him and revealed to him that it was James Gordon who brought down the police officers who killed his father and proceeded to knock him out. Despite Caldwell's refusal to believe their claims and his subsequent efforts to continue fighting, he was stopped by Batman and Nightwing, whose teamwork and care for each other forced Caldwell to recognize that he had never had the same relationship with his mentor. By Gregg Katzman Aug 25, 2018. In the Batman Confidential universe, the Ogre character is re-imagined as O.G.R.E., a mechanical armour and disaster-rescue system developed by Waynetech.During Bruce Wayne's second year as Batman, the O.G.R.E. Instead of breaking them free, he gases them with Joker venom. Additionally, The Wrath is now depicted as having copied Batman, whereas in his original appearance, this is never suggested and it is implied that they both developed nearly identical personas independently. Enemies 4.6. Batman Special #1 (1984) Supporters 3.2. [hide] 1. First Appearance: Spoilers for Hell Arisen below! The Wrath is a Gotham City super-villain who acts like an evil version of Batman. Today is Batman Day, a fake holiday invented for the sole purpose of helping market merchandise branded with the Dark Knight. The letters in his name were a shortened form of William Rudolph's Ace in the Hole. Supreme Being 4.2. He was subsequently sent to Blackgate Penitentiary, although he reflected that he would be ready to face them again in the future now that his 'emotional weakness' had been purged. A villain who looks like a Purple Batman! [2] The Wrath's appearance and motivation are reminiscent of Batman's, but with notable differences. WildStorm 4.15. … Due to this, the Wrath dedicated his life to a campaign of revenge against law and law-enforcers. It also expands on his origins, with the new Wrath telling Batman's of Gordon's role in his predecessor's origin (Although he claims that the Wrath's mother was unarmed and Gordon fired first when his father fired first and his mother took up the gun afterwards, but it is unclear if Elliott genuinely believed this, was simply lying to make his mentor seem to be the victim, or if the original Wrath told the story this way for the same reasons), Gordon subsequently explaining that the Wrath's father had been a crooked cop, Gordon being forced to allow then-Commissioner Loeb to bury the scandal and transfer Gordon to Chicago or let the boy be killed to eliminate the only other witness. It represents uncontrollable feelings of hatred and violence. Due to this, Wrath dedicated his life to a campaign of revenge against law and law-enforcers. Neutral 4. As an adult, the Wrath becomes a cop-killer who copies many of Batman's methods. Because they are nobody's fool. # ^ Tony Bedard (w), Rags Morales (p), Mark Farmer (i). Share Share Tweet Email. Wraith was a solar powered extra terrestrial being who aided the government of the United States of America. Having grown tired of the Wrath and Scorn's "interference" and seeing the end of the Batman's career as the end of his greatest source of fun, the Joker decides to silence them by posing as a police officer when they plea to him to get them out. GREEN LANTERN #1 written by GEOFFREY THORNE item 3 BATMAN THE WRATH by Tony Bedard and Mike Barr (2009, Paperback) DC COMICS 3 - BATMAN THE WRATH by Tony Bedard and Mike Barr (2009, Paperback) DC COMICS. Face a nemesis who can match you in every way in volume 70 Batman: The Wrath Book from our Legend of Batman Graphic Novel Collection! In the end, the Wrath dies during his showdown with Batman, having fallen from the roof of a building in Park Row after rolling into a fire caused by an incendiary device that he had ironically set up earlier. The Wrath (like Batman) is distinguished by perfectionism and obsession in what he does. Batman the Wrath TP: Written by Tony Bedard and Mike W. Barr Art by Rags Morales, Michael Golden and others Cover by Rags Morales The Wrath returns f Teen Titans 4.13. His parents were two burglars who made a living as thieves. None Players attack and are attacked by other players in surrounding leagues. We have DC Comics' full solicitations for April 2021. His sole order t… 92. The Wrath returns from the shadows of the past in this new collection featuring BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #13-16 and 1984's BATMAN SPECIAL #1, which introduced The Wrath! You can see … They were killed in a shootout with a young Commissioner Gordon on June 26th, coincidentally the same day that Batman's parents were gunned down in Crime Alley. By chan Jun 5, 2015 batcave, batman, bruce wayne, clark kent, dc comics, new 52, superman, wraith. The title was based on the essay "A Liberal Education and Where to Find It" by Thomas Henry Huxley (although mistakenly attributed to Aldous Huxley by Bruce Wayne). Vertigo 4.15.1. The Eye of Sin is a magical sphere kept in the Rock of Eternity. Affiliations: 1 History 1.1 First Wrath 1.2 Elliot Caldwell 2 Television History 3 Navigation The first Wrath's true identity is unknown, though his origins were revealed. Caldwell is the CEO of Caldwell Tech who appears as a legitimate magnate trying to buy Wayne Enterprises. Look for more details and images to be released soon. His costume is also very similar to Batman's (though colored in crimson and purple with a W-insignia on the chest and cowl. A new Grimm is running rampant around the island of Patch, and Ruby and Yang must team up with a young farm boy to stop it! The second Wrath debuted in Batman Confidential #13 (March 2008), and was created by Tony Bedard and Rags Morales. Their activities consist of aiding Batman villains such as the Joker, the Penguin, Killer Croc, and the Ventriloquist and Scarface. The Masters of The Universe 4.11. However, they were eventually caught and convicted on the same night when Thomas and Martha Wayne were shot. Flash 4.8. They first ap… The Wrath's target turns out to be James Gordon, commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and an ally of Batman. Comic Book Preview - Web of … Sporting an all-purple costume, this Wrath, who Batman deduces is a copycat from his first appearance owing to the differences in age, physical built, and trainings, begins murdering police officers visiting Gotham for a convention and breaks into Gayle Hudson's apartment. The Wrath appears in The Batman episode "The End of the Batman", voiced by Christopher Gorham. Wrath is the name of two fictional comic book supervillains published by DC Comics. Real name: His costume is also very similar to Batman's (though coloured in crimson and purple with a W-insignia on the chest and cowl; the W on his cowl, when seen in the right light and at the right angle, looks like the ears of the Batman's own cowl). The Wrath is an anti-Batman whose criminal parents are killed by then-rookie policeman James Gordon. Batman: the Wrath reprints the third story arc from the Batman: Confidential series from DC, which is intended to show pivotal but untold stories and secrets from Batman's past. In Batman: The Wrath Book, hidden from view, yet opposing your every move is the “Player on the Other Side,” a nemesis who can match you in every way. Other versions Batman Confidential. While in Blackgate, Wrath is greeted by James Gordon who after the Wrath meets with Emperor Blackgate, where they both begin a partnership.[10]. Other 4.14. Helped by the Gotham City Police Department, the Batman finally defeats the Wrath. It is implied that their parents made themselves wealthy this way. Though Andy and Dick do little to hide their disdain for each other, ultimately, it is this "friendship" that leads Bruce and Will to realize each other is the Batman and the Wrath. Resenting the Batman's targeting criminals like their parents "just trying to earn a living," they became Wrath and Scorn, an evil analogue of the Bat-team to aid Gotham's villain community. Enemies 4.4. The Wrath's debut story was titled "The Player on the Other Side", published in Batman Special #1 (1984). Wraith worked fo… In the course of their impersonal battle of wits, the Wrath learns of Batman's secret identity as Bruce Wayne and proceeds to destroy Thomas and Martha Wayne's tombstone, Alfred Pennyworth is hospitalized, and Leslie Thompkins is taken hostage by the Wrath. Growing to hate cops he became a hitman in hopes of "avenging his parents again and again". Elliot was one of five orphans who the original Wrath kidnapped and trained, but he was the only one who survived the training. Wrath Elliot Caldwell was the sidekick to the original Wrath, a child sociopath twisted and molded in the anti-Batman's dark image. Lex Luthor has been dethroned as the DC Universe's most powerful villain. They were shot by a young policeman (James Gordon) who mistook them for committing a robbery. Wonder Woman Rescues Batman From Wraith. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, AQUAMAN and more. Superman 4.4.1. DC's Anti-Batman, Wrath, Deserves a Place Among Gotham's Rogues. Although the Wrath and Scorn are eventually captured after the Batman summoned some bats to help him defeat them, they plan to reveal the Dynamic Duo's secret identities. The W on his cowl, when seen in the right light and at the right angle, looks like the ears of the Batman's own cowl). Discover the Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Diana Prince of Remnant as Team RWBY comes face to face with new versions of DC’s paragons of justice. Supporters/Opponents/Neutral 3.1. system goes haywire and rampages through Gotham City.The O.G.R.E system attacks Lex Luthor, but Wayne saves him. Characters 4.1. Main 4.15.2. Related Post. Gordon confronted them and, in a gunfight, killed the parents in self-defense. When the Wrath finally returns to Gotham City, he comes to kill the man who had shot his parents. The two of them are last seen laughing uncontrollably, as the Batman and Robin go after the Joker.