Give painters a room full of canvases, and they will paint. However, “the teaching that the new creation involves a radically new beginning,” writes theologian Cornelius Venema, “would suggest that sin and evil have become so much a part of the substance of the present created order that it is unrelievedly and radically evil. By reducing resurrected life to symbols, don’t we undermine the meaning of humanity, Earth, and resurrection? Five years later, I heard the gospel for the first time and came to know Jesus, but the wonders of the heavens helped lead me to God. Is there anything in Scripture—anything we know about God—that would preclude him from expanding his creation and delegating authority to his children to rule over it? On the present Earth, God shows himself through natural wonders and weather (Job 9:5-7; 38:34-35). “Tragically,” writes Bruce Milne, “humanity failed to fulfill its calling as God’s vice-regents. changes.” We are so accustomed to the cycle of death in nature that we assume it is natural and has always been as it is. This is a tiny keyhole view of the universe, covering a speck of sky one-thirtieth the diameter of the moon. Science fiction is the result of mankind’s God-given sense of adventure, wonder, creativity, and imagination. God is by nature a creator and ruler. FarAwayLongAgo says: ... much less got off their planet to visit our ball of dirt. God is a creator. We too will be destroyed by death, yet we will last forever. That we can be a thousand places at once, doing ten thousand different things? Venus is always brilliant, and shining with a steady, silvery light. I can’t think of anything. We can’t be certain on this point. It’s 2,800 miles long, 370 miles wide, and 4.5 miles deep. After I became a Christian, I found that gazing through the telescope became an act of delighted worship. It isn’t just good news for us—it’s good news for animals, plants, stars, and planets. God’s throne is referred to forty times in the book of Revelation, appearing in sixteen of the twenty-two chapters. If we imagine the New Earth to have fewer and less beautiful features than the old, we picture the earth’s regression. Why Does All Creation Await Our Resurrection? Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. I’d think it would be the talk of heaven!”, The Carpenter smiled at her. By being with him on the New Earth, we will share space and time with God. #5 Saturn. I gasped air in relief. Apparitions can last a few weeks (in the case of Mercury) to almost two years (in the case of Mars). For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross. What will the new heavens be like? More questions: Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. In Revelation 21:2, we see God’s dwelling place isn’t replaced but relocated when the New Jerusalem is brought down to the New Earth. In exactly the same way, the stars will be destroyed, yet they will last forever. Perhaps we might be able to be directly in the presence of Christ, worshipping him before his throne in the New Jerusalem, then go off to our duties far away, only to come back to him regularly. What if God intended that our dominion over the earth would ultimately extend to the entire physical universe? “Why hasn’t anyone told me of this place until now? Unless you’re a Christoplatonist, you realize the answer is no. . On the New Earth, shouldn’t we expect machinery made for the good of mankind and the glory of God? Humans could never survive its incredible heat and corrosive atmosphere. And because this remains God’s way and goal, there can be a new heaven and a new earth only after the great white throne, i.e., after the completion and conclusion of the history of human redemption.”. Just as our resurrection bodies will be better than our current ones, the New Earth’s natural wonders will presumably be more spectacular than those we now know. 1.But we really want ………(visit) other planets and find out if life exists on them. They’re now heading out of our solar system. It exhilarated me and stirred my heart. In the heavenly realms, even angels, whom we think of as disembodied spirits, can be hindered in space and time due to combat with fallen angels (Daniel 10:13). We will call this part “Other Kevin”, in honor of Dave Willis. will exercise hereafter. Then we would not be surprised to see the whole creation come under our curse, because it would all be under our stewardship. Sure. You may opt-out by. Since we’ll draw from the reservoir of God’s being, which never runs dry, we’ll never run out of passion and joy. He is glorified by what he creates and rules. According to Memory Beta (Warp drive ) “Warp drive works by distorting the fabric of space to propel the vessel. The key word in Isaiah 9:7 is increase. We will glorify him by ruling over the physical universe with creativity and camaraderie, showing respect and benevolence for all we rule. . Neverlook directly at the Sun! Will we see a new Saturn, new Jupiter, new Ganymede, new Pleiades, and a new Milky Way? (May God give us the grace to see this now while we can still revise and edit our lives.). And you won’t eat because you won’t need food. The Master tells me each world he gives is tailor-made to the receiver.”, “Yes,” the Carpenter said. Jupiter and Saturn can be seen in the dawn sky. The Greek and Hebrew words translated “heavens” include the stars and planets and what we call outer space. C. S. Lewis wrote, “Don’t run away with the idea that when I speak of the resurrection of the body I mean merely that the blessed dead will have excellent memories of their sensuous experiences on earth. And these planets orbited around stars that varied in size and temperature. How Can Anticipating New Opportunities Change Us? But in fact, I believe there’s every reason to anticipate progression. We know what God intended for mankind and the earth, and therefore we have an object for our longing. They’re a dying phoenix that will rise again into something far greater—something that will never die. We can expect more magnificent mountains and more beautiful lakes and flowers than those on this earth. After Columbus discovered the New World, Spain struck coins with the Latin slogan Plus Ultra. The worlds of Star Trek, Star Wars, and E. T. are fictional, as are the worlds portrayed throughout the long history of mythology, fantasy, and science fiction. As your father once built you that tree house, I fashioned this place just for you.”, Nancy beamed. Mars does have an atmosphere, but it is one hundred times thinner than that of the earth, and it contains little water vapor or oxygen. How many times have we prayed that God would make us Christlike, then begged him to take from us the very things he sent to make us Christlike? But certainly the new heavens and the New Earth will. Refinements of old inventions? There’s no suggestion that even the resurrected Jesus was in two places at once. Do you feel the forest’s loneliness, the ocean’s agitation? But this time we’ll succeed! For someone who’s enjoyed meteor showers since he was a kid, this was the celestial event of a lifetime. Like everything else undertaken by sinful humans, science fiction is often riddled with false philosophies and assumptions that glorify mankind and ignore God. The second law of thermodynamics, entropy, tells us that all things deteriorate. And as together we fell, together we shall rise. The “redemption of our bodies” refers to the resurrection of the dead. Does the Earth really count? Suppose the new heavens also expand, creating new geography in space and ever increasing the size of God’s Kingdom. In the Old Testament an angel comes to the prophet Daniel and tells him what happened as the result of his prayers: “As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given, which I have come to tell you” (Daniel 9:23). We can see 2 planets with our naked eye- venus And mars.. the two closest to us. The depiction of the precious metals and stones and vast architecture is lavish beyond imagination, as are the descriptions of trees on both sides of the great river, bearing new fruit each month. We do know, however, that the New Jerusalem will have streets and gates, suggesting conventional modes of travel. God was pleased to reconcile to himself all things, on Earth and in Heaven. Will our bodies become servants to our righteous wills, carrying out their directions? Since God will resurrect the old Earth and the old Jerusalem, transforming both into the new, shouldn’t we understand “new heavens” as an expression of his intention to resurrect galaxies, nebulae, stars, planets, and moons in a form as close to their original form as the earth will be to its original form and we will be to ours? Why? Learn from experts and access insider knowledge. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are called the “bright planets” because they are the five brightest planets and can be seen with the human eye. How Is Blackness Represented In Digital Domains? Our revelation will be an unveiling, and we will be seen as what we are, as what we were intended to be—God’s image-bearers. We will see history as definitive documentation of that reality. The resurrected Christ said, “Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have” (Luke 24:39). That’s not to say that we would find intelligent life there, but they might be inhabitable by we humans if we could only get there. Thus, just as all creation was spoiled through our rebellion, the deliverance of all creation hinges on our deliverance. (emphasis added). (Even if the stated dimensions are figurative, the principle remains the same.) Will God show us in Heaven what almost happened to us on Earth? There was only one problem. It should move our hearts to wonder and praise. Philip didn’t snatch himself away, but perhaps he experienced a foretaste of what a Spirit-empowered person with a resurrection body might do. On Mars, the volcano Olympus Mons rises 79,000 feet, nearly three times higher than Mount Everest. For one simple but critically important reason: As mankind goes, so goes all of creation. The New Earth may have far more spectacular features than these. We see sun because its our closest star and it really big.. We see stars because they r like glowing balls of gases and there are many stars in our galaxy that are bigger than our sun. Do you ever sense creation’s restlessness? Solar Observing FAQby Jeff Medkeff 3. The same effect that our fall had on them. Perhaps we’ll see the ripple effects of our small acts of faithfulness and obedience. In 2009, NASA launched a spacecraft called Kepler to look for exoplanets. Instead we have tumbled down to the dust from which we were taken and groveled on the earth instead of reaching to the skies.” Pascal writes that man endures “the miseries of a dethroned monarch.” He asks, “What can this incessant craving, and this impotence of attainment mean, unless there was once a happiness belonging to man, of which only the faintest traces remain, in that void which he attempts to fill with everything within his reach?”11. Jesus, as the God-man, inhabits both. . . What does this mean? We’ll constantly enjoy the wonders of the New Earth, but we’re promised the new heavens too, including stars, planets, and cosmic wonders that will thrill us. Privacy Policy. Because human beings and the earth are inseparably linked. Ask most people across the world and they will tell you that they believe in the possibility of life on another planet and they will generally clarify themselves so as not to appear as a “crackpot” that the life on other planets does not have to be “aliens.” There are others who will openly admit to a belief in alien life forms and they will even share with you stories of alien abduction. Let’s look at a few passages. From the night I first saw Andromeda’s galaxy, I’ve wanted to go there. We should expect new and wondrous creations that declare his glory. He’ll give us the New Earth and expect the same of us. Jesus says of the overcomer, “I will also give him the morning star” (Revelation 2:28). Even if the New Earth were many times the size of the present one, wouldn’t every inch of it immediately or eventually be under his control and under ours as his representatives? During a spectacular meteor shower a few years earlier, I’d stood on our deck watching a clear sky. Anyhoo is a daily dose of surprising lists and bizarre facts. Well we can see planets but by know im sure you know this,, but we only can see like 5 or six planets with the naked eye, The main reason we cant see planets is that stars are huge,, forget the light they produce that helps but its the size that counts,,, But I do believe in the new heavens and the New Earth. I’ve explained my understanding of Scripture that God will resurrect nations and cultures and that we’ll be able to visit them on the New Earth. Why? He delights to delegate authority and dominion to his children to rule his creation on his behalf. Perhaps we will be able to travel to the far ends of the New Earth, or even the remote parts of the New Universe, in the blink of an eye.

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