It is the 19th most populous state in the United States. Flower - Black-eyed Susan. It shares state borders with West Virginia, Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and Delaware. The first post office in the United States was created in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1774. Not surprisingly, printing for the federal government and all those other service industries is big business. It is ranked the 19th most populated with more than 5.9 million residents. 31 Maryland Facts for Kids. Capital: Annapolis Nicknames: Free State, Old Line State Motto: “Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine (Manly… The governor of Maryland is Larry Hogan.He was elected in the 2014 election. Maryland State Symbols Games Worksheets and puzzles for kids to learn more about Maryland The U.S. state of Maryland covers 12,407 square miles. Main Sign Up Login. It is bordered by Pennsylvania on the north and by Chesapeake Bay and a small piece of Virginia on the south, Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean on the east, West Virginia and Virginia on the west. Maryland is a state in the United States of America. According to several historians attestation, Maryland is well known as an old line state. Here are 36 Interesting Maryland facts. Fun Facts about Maryland. Daryl Davis, a black musician, is credited with dismantling the entire KKK network in Maryland. Maryland Facts. As of June 2018, the population of Maryland was estimated to be 6,052,177. Maryland (nicknamed: Cockade State, Free State, Monumental State, Old Line State, Terrapin State) has 24 counties. The United States Naval Academy was founded on October 10, 1845 at Annapolis. Fun Facts 4 Kids! The State of Maryland is located in the Mid-Atlantic United States region. Some important facts about Maryland are highlighted in the lists below. This bundle contains 9 ready-to-use Maryland Worksheets that are perfect for students who want to learn more about Maryland which is a state geographically located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America. Maryland Facts. No#1: It is occasionally known as the Old-Line state. Hogan was re-elected during the 2018 election. Area - approximately 12,407 square miles. It borders … Food processing, from soft drinks and spices to seafood, is also important in Maryland. Maryland is the 42nd largest state with only 12,407 square miles. The state’s capital is Annapolis. Here is an attestation about this nickname “Maryland is associated with line troops, Maryland line which served courageously in many Revolutionary War battles”. Published April 20, 2018. Song - Maryland, My Maryland. 1-5 Maryland Facts 1. Customer Service Promise. Maryland Worksheets. People who live in MD or who come from Maryland are referred to as Marylanders. Maryland is a state in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America.It is on the south east of the East Coast.Its capital is Annapolis, and its biggest city is Baltimore.. By James Israelsen, Associate Writer. In 1830 the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company built the first railroad station in Baltimore. Bird - Baltimore oriole. The State of Maryland pledges to provide constituents, businesses, customers, and stakeholders with friendly and courteous, timely and responsive, accurate and consistent, accessible and convenient, and truthful and transparent services. Maryland is a leader in manufacturing, computers, communication and other high-tech equipment. He did this by befriending many members, e Maryland Fun Facts. [2] Maryland became a U.S. State on Monday, April 28, 1788. Websites for studying about Maryland. 35 Magnificent Facts about Maryland. Maryland was the 7th state to join the United States. Maryland is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Insect - Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly.

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